Return To Play Game Day Protocols

COVID-19 Game Day Protocols

• Our health screening needs to be completed prior to entering the arena. Paper health forms will continue to be available if needed. Everyone must enter the main entrance for a temperature check and proceed to the correct side of the arena. Goalies may still utilize locker room 5. Players must come fully dressed and may use the designated chairs to put on skates, helmets, and gloves. After the game, all players, coaches, and parents are to exit the side doors from the side their team was using.

• Masks must be worn at all times by the players, coaches, spectators, and referees. This includes players and coaches wearing masks before and after, as well as while they are on the ice and on the bench. The only exception is a written excuse from a doctor.

• The lobby is CLOSED during games with the exception of the restrooms and to check-in.• Referees will be able to dress in the ref room off of the lobby and are expected to follow all of the same safety measures as anyone entering the building.

• Each team is allotted 1 home game at Louisville Arena per week.• 90-minute time slot will be given to allow for cleaning and no contact with the next group coming in.

• Players are allowed to arrive by entering the building 10 minutes before a game, goalies may arrive 15 minutes prior to a game.

• There will be 60 minutes ONLY allotted for the game with no exceptions.

• Each player is allowed 2 spectators ONLY, no exceptions. Teams with more than 20 players are allowed 1 spectator ONLY, no exceptions. THIS IS WITH THE EXCEPTION OF OUR MITE DIVISION. THESE TEAMS WILL BE ALLOTTED, ONE SPECTATOR. Keep in mind, in regards to this rule, if you have two spectators, an additional relative/friend spectator even if they are a child or infant is not allowed.Ex. Two Spectator Rule: Mom and Dad may not bring a player’s sibling. However, if Mom comes with a player and player’s sibling, that is allowable as this counts as only two spectators.Ex. One Spectator Rule: Mom or dad may bring players, however, not both. Additionally, siblings and/or other children are subject to this rule as well. Mom or dad may bring players, but cannot also bring their sibling (no matter the age)

.• Teams will have a 3-minute warm-up prior to the start of the game. Games will consist of 3-18 minute running time periods. There will be 1 minutes break between periods.

• Penalties will be 2:00 minutes

• Games are ALL to be low to NO contact.

For spectators coming for games, you can fill out our COVID-19 Health Screening form online prior to arriving at the arena.

Louisville Lightning Hockey Registration Opens Tomorrow (8/1)

Louisville Minor Hockey registration opens up online on August 1st. We will also be hosting two in-person dates on August 29th and September 12th. Must register with USA Hockey prior to registering with LMHA. Also, if you played hockey in another organization last year, you will need a signed release from the organization.

You can register online here.

Registration will close on September 22nd.

If you have additional questions, you can reach us via our Facebook page or email

Midget 16U Tryouts Kick Off Tomorrow (8/1)

Midget 16U team will be holding tryouts at SUNY Canton Roos Athletic Center on August 1st, August 3rd, and August 4th.

Ice schedule for the three tryouts are as follows :

August 1st – 8:30-9:30PM
August 3rd – 7-8PM
August 4th – 7-8PM

You must obtain a release prior to the first tryout from last year’s organization if you played elsewhere.

For any further information, please contact coach John Beattie at (315) 250-6529 or email him at

Midget 18U tryouts kick off on August 8th. Check Facebook for more details.

2019 Thomas J. Carroll Tournament Looking For Participants

Louisville Minor Hockey Association (LMHA) will be hosting its annual Thomas J. Carroll Tournament starting Friday January 18th(if needed), Saturday January 19th, and Sunday Janauary 20th .  Team levels include Squirts (B/C level), Peewees (B/C level) & Bantams (B level). Each team will be guaranteed 3 games each with the top two teams from each level competing in a championship game.

The cost to be in the tournament is $450 US dollars and discounts for multiple teams will be given. To register or ask more questions, you can reach out to tournament director Jesse Stowell at or (315) 296.3931. You can register online and learn more about the rules and tournament on our Thomas J. Carroll Tournament page.

Each participating player will receive a gift for their participation in our tournament. As well, each game will feature a player from each team being chosen as player of the game.

Team Parent Meetings Scheduled

All team parent meetings have been scheduled at the Ray Hurlbut Community Center.

The schedule is as follows :

Wednesday, October 3rd – 6pm-7pm – Learn To Skate/6U/8U
Wednesday, October 3rd – 7pm-8pm – Squirts
Thursday, October 4th – 6pm-7pm – Peewees
Thursday, October 4th  – 7pm-8pm – Bantams

Louisville Minor Hockey is still accepting player registrations, if you still need to sign your child up please go to the registration page.

Coaches Meeting

Louisville Minor Hockey will hold its coaches meeting on Thursday, September 27th at 7:00PM at the Ray Hurlbut Community Center.

All coaches that have submitted applications have also been a sent an email. If you haven’t and want to help coach, you must fill out our coaching application here.

Bantam State Bound Tryouts

Bantam State Bound Tryouts Being Held August 11th & 12th

Louisville Minor Hockey will hold tryouts for its State Bound Tier III Bantam hockey team on August 11th and 12th from 1:30-2:30PM. Tryouts will be held at the SUNY Canton Roos Athletic Center. Each player must be registered with USA Hockey and obtain a release from their prior year’s organization before the first tryout session.

Tryout fee will be $20 for each skater.

Online hockey registration now open

Online Registration Now Open!

Online registration is now open for the 2018-2019 Louisville Minor Hockey season! Register for learn to skate, 6U, 8U, Squirts (10U), Peewees (12U) is open. Bantams, Midget 16U & 18U will be eligible after their tryouts to register if the player made the team.

Additionally, there will be two in person sign up dates on August 19th & September 9th from 6pm-8pm at the Ray Hurlbut Community Center.

We are looking forward to another great season of Louisville Lightning hockey and we hope to see you out there.


Louisville Minor Hockey Tryout Schedule

Louisville Releases Tryout Dates

Louisville Minor Hockey will hold tryouts for three state bound teams starting in August. Tryouts will be for their Bantam, Midget 16U & Midget 18U teams.  All tryouts will be held at the SUNY Canton Roos Athletic Center. Any player wishing to tryout must bring a release form from last year’s organization (if they didn’t play in Louisville last season) . The cost to tryout will be $20.

Bantam tryouts will be August 11th & 12th from 1:30-2:30PM both days. Midgets 18U will follow them at 2:30-3:30PM on August 11th & 12th.

Our tier III state champion, Midget 16U team will conduct their tryouts August 18th  from 7-8PM & 19th from 2-3PM.

We hope to see you there and good luck. Let’s go Lightning!