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Return To Play Game Day Protocols

Return To Play COVID-19 Game Protocols

• Our health screening needs to be completed prior to entering the arena. Paper health forms will continue to be available if needed. Everyone must enter the main entrance for a temperature check and proceed to the correct side of the arena. Goalies may still utilize locker room 5. Players must come fully dressed and may use the designated chairs to put on skates, helmets, and gloves. After the game, all players, coaches, and parents are to exit the side doors from the side their team was using.
• Masks must be worn at all times by the players, coaches, spectators, and referees. This includes players and coaches wearing masks before and after, as well as while they are on the ice and on the bench. The only exception is a written excuse from a doctor.
• The lobby is CLOSED during games with the exception of the restrooms and to check-in.
• Referees will be able to dress in the ref room off of the lobby and are expected to follow all of the same safety measures as anyone entering the building.
• Each team is allotted 1 home game at Louisville Arena per week.
• 90-minute time slot will be given to allow for cleaning and no contact with the next group coming in.
• Players are allowed to arrive by entering the building 10 minutes before a game, goalies may arrive 15 minutes prior to a game.
• There will be 60 minutes ONLY allotted for the game with no exceptions.
• Each player is allowed 2 spectators ONLY, no exceptions. Teams with more than 20 players are allowed 1 spectator ONLY, no exceptions. THIS IS WITH THE EXCEPTION OF OUR MITE DIVISION. THESE TEAMS WILL BE ALLOTTED, ONE SPECTATOR. Keep in mind, in regards to this rule, if you have two spectators, an additional relative/friend spectator even if they are a child or infant is not allowed.
Ex. Two Spectator Rule: Mom and Dad may not bring a player’s sibling. However, if Mom comes with a player and player’s sibling, that is allowable as this counts as only two spectators.
Ex. One Spectator Rule: Mom or dad may bring players, however, not both. Additionally, siblings and/or other children are subject to this rule as well. Mom or dad may bring players, but cannot also bring their sibling (no matter the age).
• Teams will have a 3-minute warm-up prior to the start of the game. Games will consist of 3-18 minute running time periods. There will be 1 minutes break between periods.
• Penalties will be 2:00 minutes
• Games are ALL to be low to NO contact.

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